TSHRC are proud to offer a micro learning solution available on and powered by EdApp.
This provides flexible, effective, comprehensible training for anyone in your team, anywhere in the world. It's perfect for onboarding large teams and ensuring their compliance with your company code of conduct and policies whilst enabling them to complete their required training.


TSHRC Workouts are a great solution for managers who are committed to developing and evolving what they're capable of - whether they're taking on the responsibility for the first time or they've been in their position for years. Workouts are delivered online or in person, running from anywhere between 90 minutes to half a day. They're interactive and bespoke training sessions accompanied with live case studies, created and tailored for your goals and progression.


No matter what level of leadership you're at, we believe that coaches wield the power to push your confidence and capabilities to that next level. TSHRC partner and pair you with some of the most highly respected coaching organisations. Coaches then give you a safe space to assess how you manage and run your team, helping you identify your strengths and potential weaknesses, personal leadership style and the goals you want to achieve that will help you become the very best leader you can be.

Investing in your team's potential is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Great talent isn't easy to find, and it's even harder to retain.
With our training, learning and development programmes, TSHRC empower you with the tools to nurture and engage your team's talent so that your company maintains the competitive edge your industry demands.

Ready to invest in your team's talent?