A holistic approach to
people at work

We want to help you build an amazing place to work. That's why we look at your business as a whole and come ready with a down-to-earth, practical and solution-focused approach.
Our like-minded team of HR professionals support you at every stage of your business's development, offering a range of services designed to fulfil your needs, goals and ambitions.

Culture & Organisational Design

We understand that people are your most valuable asset. That's why we offer a range of HR solutions that help you establish your business's culture, values, vision and people development. We work with you to build a workforce that authentically displays equality, diversity and inclusion. Our approach is to listen to and understand what you believe is the right path for your business. Then, we make clear recommendations that enable you to create your ideal organisation.

Employee Relations & Disputes

We will always do what is best for your company. When, at times, both the leadership and the employee want an outcome in their favour, our lens is always best practice, fairness and objectivity.
We jump in with our experienced view on how a matter should be handled, whilst reviewing the policies you have in place and coaching you through the matter to resolution with minimum risk. When you need to act immediately, TSHRC are your trusted and efficient solution.

Learning & Development

TSHRC is passionate about learning, development, and growth. Our range of programmes are designed to educate and empower your teams to realise their full potential.

Compliance & Operations

Our highly experienced HR consultants provide the foundational administrative support you need as well as the bespoke solutions that optimise your operations and ensure compliance. We deliver everything from audits to onboarding, performance administration and measurement, engagement, exit processes and more.

HR Metrics & Data

We love data because it tells a story. No matter the size of your company, we use data to optimise your business's operations and potential. When we conduct an audit, we produce data-driven results that allow us to create actionable goals for your business's needs.

International projects

We're growing bigger every day and expanding our work across the globe. We've supported UK based TV and film production companies with local entities around the world shooting in multiple locations with training presentations, policies, and contracts in all languages. We create codes of conduct that support and respect countries' cultures, employment and labour laws.

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